The Ultimate Beard Care Solution
Keep your beard looking its best with our premium beard oil and whipped beard butter. Infused with natural ingredients, this dynamic duo will hydrate and nourish your beard, leaving it soft, healthy and well-groomed. Say goodbye to beard itch and hello to a confident, stylish look.
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Irish Handmade Soap - made in Wexford, Ireland
Handmade Soapfrom €6.99Shop Now
Handmade Shampoo Bars - Ireland, Wexford, Irish Cosmetic
Shampoo Barsfrom €10.99Shop Now
handmade face mask powders, made in Wexford Ireland
Face Mask Powdersfrom €15.99Shop Now
Essential Oils
Essential Oilsfrom €8.50Shop Now
Irish Handmade Whipped Body Butter, made in Wexford, Ireland
Whipped Body Buttersfrom €16.99Shop Now
Handmade Solid Conditioner Bar, Made in Ireland
Solid Conditioner Barfrom €10.99Shop Now
Handmade Vegan Friendly Lip Balm, made in Wexford, Ireland
Lip Balmsfrom €5.00Shop Now
Handmade Waxmelts, Made in Ireland
Wax Meltsfrom €5.50Shop Now
handmade body lotion
Body Lotionsfrom €15.99Shop Now
handmade beard care products, made in Ireland
Beard Care Productsfrom €13.00Shop Now
handmade unisex shaving oil, made in Ireland
Unisex Shaving Oilfrom €19.99Shop Now
ECO Soap Saver Bag and Bamboo Soap Dish
Bathroom Accessoriesfrom €4.00Shop Now

Our newest handmade cosmetic products

Soap Making Workshop - Mavis Nest - Wexford, Ireland

Soap Making Workshops with Kata

Have you always wanted to try how to make soap?
Join our 2 – 2.5 hour Melt & Pour and Cold Process Soap Making Workshop in Ireland to learn the secrets of small-batch soap making with Kata. Kata, the instructor for the workshop, is the owner and creator of Mavis Nest. She has over 10 years of experience in soap making and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and skills with others. With her guidance, you will learn the secrets of small-batch soap-making in a fun and safe environment.

At the end of the course, you will have two Melt & Pour soaps and a whole loaf (five bars) of traditional Cold Process soap.

Handmade with Love & Passion

At Mavis Nest, we are dedicated to providing our valued customers with high-quality, handmade goods made with premium ingredients and careful attention to detail. Our soaps, skincare products, beard care products, and all other handmade cosmetics and gifts are made with love and care in small, fresh batches. We are passionate about what we do and strive to deliver the best possible experience for you.

Less is More

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we strive to reduce waste whenever possible. This includes using every bit of soap, even the cut-offs, and packaging our products in minimal, eco-friendly materials like recyclable or reusable containers and 100% compostable wood wool fillers. We hope this helps you feel good about your purchase not only because you’re getting high-quality products, but also because you’re supporting environmentally responsible practices.

Not Tested On Animals

At our company, we are animal lovers and would never subject any animals to testing. When developing new products, we always test them on ourselves first to ensure they are safe and effective. Only after we are satisfied with the results do we send them to our safety assessor for review. Providing our customers with top-quality, thoroughly tested products is our top priority. Thank you for choosing us and supporting our commitment to ethical practices.

Product Safety

At our company, we take the health and safety of our customers very seriously. That’s why all of our handmade Irish cosmetics undergo a thorough safety assessment, known as a Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR), by a professional in accordance with current EU regulations. We want you to have peace of mind when using our products, knowing that they have been carefully evaluated to ensure your well-being. Thank you for choosing us and supporting our commitment to quality and safety.

Honest Reviews from People Like You

At Mavis Nest, we value the feedback of our customers. That’s why we love to hear your thoughts and experiences with our handmade cosmetic products. From soaps to body butter and lip balms to beard care products, we want to hear it all. Your honest reviews will help other customers make informed decisions and know what to expect when they purchase from us.

Really fantastic products and amazing service – such a lovely vendor to deal with! I find it very difficult to find skincare products that work for me due to a combination of allergies and sensitive skin, but Mavis Nest( formerly known as Soft Paws Cosmetics) body butter and soaps have been an absolute delight to use. They come beautifully packaged, smell amazing, and are eco-friendly – 10s across the board!

handmade beard care products, made in Ireland, handmade cosmetic

I have bought several of Mavis Nest’s (formerly known as Soft Paws Cosmetics) beard butter, and they are easily the best I’ve had for my long beard. The scents are amazing, the butter isn’t greasy or sticky, and the amount in each tin lasts ages. Highly recommended.

John Sweetman
Mavis Nest
123 reviews
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Store rating 5.00 / 5
Product rating 4.99 / 5

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